FT blunt nose updates: motor and battery

Installed the firewall and motor/prop. Sounds really awesome when turned on. This is the 1450kv motor they recommend on the flitetest.com build. 7/4 prop.20140630-143947-52787905.jpg 20140630-143946-52786503.jpg 20140630-143944-52784755.jpg One problem i did have was that my 2200mah battery was a little too tall. I had to cut a hole in the top door to make it work. I decided to build a little cage around the battery so it could not move around in flight. This is reinforced on the bottom with 4 Popsicle sticks. 20140630-144009-52809630.jpg 20140630-144008-52808157.jpg The CG on this thing is premarked by the flitetest team so i know where to balance. Issue now is figuring out how much weight i need to put in the nose. Even with a gopro it is going to need a bunch more weight to be slightly nose heavy.


Mikeys fpv v3 update

Got the servos and motor installed finally.




This is under the wings where the battery will be stored using velcro.




20 amp speed controller zip tied to center post.



Here is the opposite side with Popsicle sticks for reinforcement.



Custom Y servo cable for the ailerons made from 2 servo extension cables.



Reinforced push rods. My friend gave me the idea to heat shrink bbq skewers to strengthen them.