VAS Specter v3 Build – Part 2 : Painting

VAS Specter v3 Build – Part 2 : Painting

Before gluing and laminating i needed to paint the pieces. I decided on a metallic shimmer color for the wingtips, nose lid, and tail coroplast. Jeremiah said that with the black epp you should apply a white base first, so i put on some white with a satin finish. 2 coats of white followed by 2 coats of metal. No reaction at all with the krylon “for plastic” paints. The epp soaks up the paint pretty well and with all the “imperfections” or texture of the cut pieces you cant tell at all if you get some over spray or put on too much paint. The texture of the epp makes a pretty nice looking paint job IMO.

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Flitetest blunt nose versa painting

My plan was to do a first flight before any finishing work. That way if i totally pwn it i could save myself some time. Unfortunately my RX is going to take longer than i thought to be delivered, so i decided to try painting. I put Minwax on the paper first and let it dry for a couple hours. I Put masking tape on the duck tape. In the future i may double up on the tape and i am not sure what effect having paint on top of the tape will do to the next layer sticking on it. Basically i just grabbed some glossy paint i had on hand. Black and Red.









If it flies i will clear coat the top and put clear packing tape on the bottom.