Using GPIO pins on Raspberry Pi “A” board to give coins in MAME

Just a quick test to show i have mame starting on boot and that i have GPIO pin 7 setup to enter KEY_5 on the keyboard. The default coin button in MAME. This is cool because if you are doing a 1 player setup in mame you dont need any other add on USB HID boards. So basically you need a $25 raspberry pi, $15 joystick, and a couple cheap buttons.

This is running mame4all, installed from the raspberry pi store gui.

Instructions for getting GPIO pins to work:


Raspberry Pi – Screen Settings

Trying to use a 3.5 screen on composite, with stock raspian settings, is pretty much unreadable. Here are a couple settings that can help out:


#Increase the font size used on the Terminal Monitor

  • sudo nano /etc/default/console-setup


#Rotate the screen in Mame4All for games like pacman and frogger so it uses the entire screen

  • sudo nano /home/pi/emulators/mame4all-pi/mame.cfg


Demo – PiMame on 3.5 screen

Just a quick little video showing Ms Pacman running on a Raspberry Pi. Used the great PiMame image found on Shea Silvermans Blog. Simply start it up, grab your IP, connect with WinScP and FTP the roms over.

I will do a more detailed tut later, but here is a list of the parts i am currently using in this video:

3.5 Inch TFT LCD Monitor for Car / Automobile
12V 2A DC Universal Regulated Switching Power Supply

Pibow Case