Turnigy 9x mods

Took about 35 days but my Frsky ACCST tx/rx modules and backlight finally arrived from Hobby King.


Since the stock antenna is no longer needed i removed it and will hot glue in a jst connector to power fpv or other gear from the top of my controller.





The Frsky DJT ACCST module took a little modding to fit, but works great so far on my workbench.



The back-light module from turnigy was very easy to install. No cutting or soldering. Only issue is that it wants to rotate as you put things back together.



Raspberry PI – “Headless” Streaming Radio Build

This is a compilation of various Google searches. A record of the commands i used to turn a raspberry pi model b into a streaming radio player that can be controlled by MPD apps such as the IOS app MPoD. Although these instructions end with the adding of BBC channels 1-6, you can add any stream that is compatible with MPD/MPC.

This is based off the Raspbian “Wheezy” image found here: http://www.raspberrypi.org/

The raw image and the noobs image both work fine.

This is a windows based tut so i used Win32DiskImager to write the image to my SD card.

Once you know the ip of the Raspberry, ssh into it with a program like Putty. If you use the console (screen connected to the raspberry), you will not be able to copy and paste. rc.local is configured to display the IP address on the local console every time it boots up. But you can always type IFCONFIG to find it manually.

Reconnecting with Putty: After each reboot, just click on the putty title bar and “restart”. This way you will not have to keep opening another session and repeatedly typing the IP address.

Putty into Raspberry PI

Username: pi
Password: raspberry

If you have not already done so at the console, enter sudo raspi-config to enter the initial config program

  • Expand the file system
  • Set Hostname to piradio or whatever you want
  • Change the password if you want
  • Go to the Advanced options
    • Enable SSH
    • Update tool
    • Exit to command line

Open each of the following links and copy/paste all the commands in order. Lines with # are comment lines and do not need to be run.

  1. Update and Upgrade Firmware – Some older firmwares have noise “issues” when idling.
  2. Install Audio and MPC/MPD
  3. Add BBC1-6 radio streams and MPC Play Command – or add your own

Setup your mobile device

  1. Install a free MPD app on your mobile device such as MPod on IOS or MPDroid on android. No username/password needed.
  2. If it does not automatically find the device, manually add one using the above HOSTNAME or IP address. I recommend the HOSTNAME as the current setup for IP is DHCP and your IP could possibly change.

Notes: Although it is set to automatically start, sometimes it will not. The simple solution is to just open your mobile app and wait for it to say the station is available and hit play.

If you want to control the player from CLI:

    • MPC : show stats
    • MPC play : umm play
    • MPC stop :  yeah stop
    • MPC help :