VAS Specter v3 Build – Part 1 : The Arrival

VAS Specter v3 Build – Part 1 : The Arrival

I have been looking at the Specter “basher” plane made by Alex at Visual Aerial Systems for some time and i finally purchased one from stoneblueairlines.

I am really impressed with the kit so far and the owner of stoneblue, Jeremiah, was very helpful. Even calling me a few times with some questions on if i had everything i needed for the build.



Flitetest blunt nose versa painting

My plan was to do a first flight before any finishing work. That way if i totally pwn it i could save myself some time. Unfortunately my RX is going to take longer than i thought to be delivered, so i decided to try painting. I put Minwax on the paper first and let it dry for a couple hours. I Put masking tape on the duck tape. In the future i may double up on the tape and i am not sure what effect having paint on top of the tape will do to the next layer sticking on it. Basically i just grabbed some glossy paint i had on hand. Black and Red.









If it flies i will clear coat the top and put clear packing tape on the bottom.

Flitetest blunt nose versa wing


Some parts i need to get my Mikey’s plane finished are taking forever to get here from Hobby King so i decided to try building a speedbuild kit from

Here is their build of it:

They laser cut all the parts out for you. You only need to cut a couple bevels and glue/tape things together.


2x 9 gram servos from Hobby King. Like $3.5 each.


The hot glue holds the airfoil shape really well, even before finishing the wing.


These wing tips stick down a little bit more than the wings and body, so they will probably be hitting the ground first and often. To reinforce them i glued some long zip ties along the entire bottom and around the front. This should help protect the paper and foam a little bit. I still need to press down on the body when i install the motor so i will install these last in the build.



At this point in the versa build you would glue the two wings together, but i am doing the blunt nose build (only $10 more!) so i stopped the versa build video and went to this one:



Now to get the engine mount glued together, electronics, and start thinking about painting.

Mikeys fpv v3 update

Got the servos and motor installed finally.




This is under the wings where the battery will be stored using velcro.




20 amp speed controller zip tied to center post.



Here is the opposite side with Popsicle sticks for reinforcement.



Custom Y servo cable for the ailerons made from 2 servo extension cables.



Reinforced push rods. My friend gave me the idea to heat shrink bbq skewers to strengthen them.