VAS Specter v3 Build – Part 8 : connect tail to wing

VAS Specter v3 Build – Part 8 : connect tail to wing


It was at this point in the build where i started getting a little nervous. Connecting the various parts wrong, from this point forward, would make a big big problem in flight. If the parts are not aligned it could cause all sorts of issues in flight, as i have found from building foamies. Also, although i haven’t seen exactly how others build epp/laminate planes i was assuming that you wanted it glued foam to foam not glue to foam. So first thing was to get the parts mated up and measure, measure, measure every distance between parts. When i was happy i clamped everything down and measured again, before tracing out the laminate to be removed. Even with all this measuring, i was off about 1/8″ to 1/4″. Not noticeable really but i have no idea the impact this will have on flight. It was also around this point that i had run out of welders glue (copious amounts!). I had recently picked up some E6000 glue and after testing this on some extra epp i decided to use it in place of welders. It was also at this point that i started getting worried about the distance between tail booms as i had NOT made sure my 9×6 prop was going to fit inside that space. image




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