VAS Specter v3 Build – Part 7 : tail assembly

VAS Specter v3 Build – Part 7 : tail assembly


The connection between the tail booms and the tail section is a pretty simple thing to accomplish, but i almost made a mistake that i didn’t realize for several days later. In mocking up the connections i knew it had to be square but i wasn’t sure exactly where i should put them on the horizontal stabilizer. I knew they went outside the vertical stabilizers, but even with that you have several inches to play with. The other connection on the wing is the same angle all the way out so it didn’t really matter on that side (i thought!!More on this in a later part). So making my decision based on aesthetics, i decided to line the outside edge up with the spot right where the 45 cut starts on the horizontal stabilizer, not only using a 90 degree for reference but also measuring the distance between booms all the way down.

As the booms are one of the weaker points on the plane I didn’t want to weaken them any further by making cuts into the foam to hide cables. So i used packing tape to attach it to the plane. Packing tape sticks extremely well to laminate. After i did this i definitely added this in my mind as an option for the rest of the plane if i don’t want to cut into it. image




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