VAS Specter v3 Build – Part 6 : motor mount, stabilizers, and servos

VAS Specter v3 Build – Part 6 : motor mount,  stabilizers, and servos

The Motor mount is made of 4 pieces of thick plastic. The holes and tabs fit tightly together. Not hard to get together but tight enough that with some glue there is no fear of it coming apart. The kit comes with several motor mount plates so that you can fit a number of different bolt patterns depending on what you are using. The large hole is for threading a plastic bolt thru the top of the fuselage, thru the motor mount, and into a plate in the bottom of the fuselage. This would make it easily removable. I am going to mount it permanently with the bolt and glue.image

imageAs i stated in the beginning posts, the tail section is not touched on specifically in the build videos. In hindsight i see now that the cuts in the horizontal stabilizer were the relief cuts for the elevator. The vertical stabilizers get installed NEXT to that cut, not on it like i did. This caused me to have to make my own relief cuts. The hinge in created by removing one layer of plastic on the bottom of the coroplast. If you haven’t worked with coroplast before, it is very strong. Although it is easy to bend and deform it is very hard to tear or rip it without something sharp to start a cut, so this should hold up to alot of abuse. The control horn is made of a top and bottom plate held together by screws, which i also glued.



The aileron control horns are something new to me, having only used wood glue in horns in the past. They have one plate that slides up and goes on the top of the aileron and another that goes on the bottom. There is alot of force needed to squish the foam enough to slide the locking plate on. This combined with glue on both surfaces should ensure it never comes off in an accident. image





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