VAS Specter v3 Build – Part 5 : Laminate

VAS Specter v3 Build – Part 5 : Laminate

First off just let me say that i have no experience with laminating. I have watched a couple videos online and that is it. At first i was worried about how it looked but soon realized that this inst supposed to be a pretty scale plane but is my fpv basher setup. In my opinion getting the laminate to stick is no big deal. But making it look good is an art. So stopped worrying and just laminated the parts.  Than i went back and reinforced the places most likely to take the most force on a hard landing. Leading edge of the wing, fuselage right at the leading edge of the wing, tail booms and nose. Stoneblueairlines sent me more than enough laminate to not only reinforce the parts i wanted, but also for when i start installing electronics and need to re-laminate any cuts i make. As far as the iron, i am just using the cheapo turnigy iron from hobbyking. It works great, just be very very sure you have the glue side down! Heat was around the 2-oclock range on the dial. Alex recommends 200 degrees.



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