VAS Specter v3 Build – Part 4 : Build Mods and Reinforcement

VAS Specter v3 Build – Part 4 : Build Mods and Reinforcement

A few months after Alex made the specter build videos he came out with another video. It was some tips on how to make the plane stronger, specifically what to do to make its common break points stronger. When i placed my order with i also asked them add on the spars i would need to make these mods.

They are very easy mods to do. Basically just cut a shallow slit, squirt in blue along the entire cut, and insert the spars. Same with the Popsicle sticks. Since i had some left over glass fiber i added a few pieces to the nose area.

20141205_220615 20141205_215925 20141206_083858 20141206_083718

The kit comes with two glass fiber spars that are inserted one inch back from where the wings meet on the leading edge. They are almost as long as the wings. They seem very flimsy by themselves. After you glue one on the top of the wing in a shallow cut and than glue another one right below it on the bottom of the wing, it creates what Alex calls an “I-beam”. As i found later, this combined with laminate makes an incredibly stiff wing. No matter which way you bend the wing (climbing or diving) you are being countered by one of the spars.

20141206_150620 20141206_150636 20141206_15064220141206_152223


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