VAS Specter v3 Build – Part 3 : Assembling individual parts

VAS Specter v3 Build – Part 3 : Assembling individual parts

Gluing the pieces is pretty straight forward. The only “issue” i guess is that in Alex’s video (here) he shows that if you wait 10 minutes for the welders to set, when you push the pieces together they stick together. In my experience this is NOT the case. They do bind together very well, but it has a lot of play in the weld. So i have been gluing and then clamping the pieces or putting something heavy on them for a few hours. No big deal, just FYI. As a test to see how much space i had for batteries and CG i put a 5000mah 3s pack in. Pretty tight fit. Not bad, should keep things from moving around. Will probably put a piece of Velcro at the very front just to keep it from shifting the CG.

20141205_220137 20141205_220147 20141206_082544

The wing took a little figuring out as far as the jig to keep pressure on everything and make sure it didn’t warp at all. The next day it was pretty solid.

20141206_123055 20141206_123108 20141206_124408 20141206_145926

The tail section is a very simple concept, but the lack of instructions cause me to make a couple mistakes. The kit does not come with ANY documentation. Now this inst a surprise, i knew this already, but there are few things that are not specifically touched on in the videos. Specifically there is no detail on how the vertical on horizontal stabilizers should be placed. I noticed a slit in each piece and wrongly assumed they mounted to each other using it. So now i not only had my vertical stabilizers about an inch farther than they are supposed to be, i have also used the relief for the elevator. No big deal, i just cut some new slits next to the stabilizers and made my hinge per Alex’s instructions.

20141206_191644 20141206_191633 20141206_191609 20141206_191558

The final parts for the body are to install the wing and motor screw mounts. If you like you can remove the wing for travel. I am going to glue everything together, but this will add some good reinforcement to everything.



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