Strip streams from

Basically this is how to grab the direct http address to a specific radio station in shoutcast. That way you can add it to mpc or another streaming radio player without needing a webrowser running.

First things, install the free VLC media player

Then browse to the page and find the HELP drop down box.



Select the following option to play it in your own media player

  • Play SHOUTcast stations in default media player ( eg: Winamp / iTunes / Windows Media Player )

Go find a station to play and click on it. You should get the option to open the .pls file. If it doesnt open in vlc you may need to change your default programs so that vlc opens .pls files.

After vlc opens the stream, you should begin to hear the station. Go to TOOLS and open MEDIA INFORMATION.

At the bottom is the stream “location”.

copy this and paste it into your favorite music player.

mpc example:

  1. mpc add
  2. mpc play

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